Warehouse trucks

Picture showing the Doosan logo
Picture showing a Doosan warehouse truck
Picture showing a Doosan warehouse truck

Doosan Warehouse Equipment

Built in their German manufacturing facility, the Doosan warehouse range is manufactured in line with the Doosan ethos of heavy duty, durable, no nonsense machines. The line-up now includes a complete range of pedestrian and ride-on pallet trucks, stackers and order pickers ranging from 1.0 to 5.0 tonnes.

Reach trucks are built in line with Doosan’s reputation for high quality, affordable machines. The advanced 7-Series reach trucks are the latest addition to our already extensive warehouse range offering an unbeatable combination of high productivity, maximum operator comfort and durability. Our 5-Series reach truck range is also still available as an alternative option.

Picture showing the CAT logo
Picture showing a CAT warehouse truck

CAT Warehouse Equipment

With a smooth, programmable AC power matched with rugged chassis designs and long service intervals make these machines a safe choice to handle diverse internal applications, provide excellent productivity and deliver low total costs of operation.

Each truck features comfortable, well laid-out controls and, on the reach trucks, ‘poweRamic’ clear view masts to aid fast, accurate pallet handling. Both the trucks with fly-by-wire steering and those with tiller arm control have a common family feel, making it easy for operators to work across different truck types.

For more information about Power Pallet trucks, Stacker trucks, Order Picking trucks and Reach trucks please contact us.

Picture showing a woman operating a Manitou warehouse truck
Picture showing a side view of a Manitou warehouse truck

Manitou Warehouse Equipment

The Manitou range of stackers are capable of handling low and medium-height pallets and transporting them over short and medium distances. These electrically powered machines can lift up to 1 tonne and can place loads up to 3.4m in height, and no handler operation certification is required.

They are simple and robust with asynchronous and Can-Bus technology on board, ensuring enhanced longevity over time and increased reactivity in terms of movement. It also means the amount of time spent on maintenance is also reduced, for maximum cost effectiveness and enhanced productivity.