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Picture showing an Ammann Rammer being operated on a building site
Picture of an Ammann Rammer

Ammann Trench Rammers

Ammann rammers are powerful, economic, operator-friendly and ergonomic in design - in short, the ideal compaction machine for your construction project.

Whether trench construction, backfilling, sub-layer compaction for basements and industrial buildings or repair work on roads and pathways, Ammann rammers can cope with the toughest conditions. Both models are characterised by reliability, high compaction performance, easy serviceability, a low centre of gravity and high power reserves. All of these properties enable fatigue-free work even in the most difficult soil conditions.

Picture showing the Ammann logo
Picture showing an Ammann Forward Plate being operated on a tarmac road.
Picture showing an Ammann Forward Plate

Ammann Forward Plates

Vibratory Plates range cover Forward Travel Plates, Remote-Controlled Vibratory Plates, 3 Shaft Hydrostat Plates and Hydrostatic Plates.

Ammann's intention is to provide the user with every benefit modern technology has to offer. Continuously changing construction site requirements serve as a means of orientation. User friendliness is an important factor in addition to high machine performance; man is at the centre of attention

15 years ago developments into hydraulically powered vibratory plates entered unchartered technological terrain. Today, Ammann counts among the leading providers in this machine category.

Picture showing the Ammann logo
Picture showing an Ammann Roller being operated on a construction site
Picture showing an Ammann Roller

Ammann Rollers

Tandem and Combinations rollers range cover Articulated Tandem, Rigid Frame Tandem, Light Rigid Frame Tandem and Light Tandem Rollers.

The family of Ammann's articulated rollers unify the most advanced compaction technology with the global machine concept. The rollers are developed to meet the demand of today's road building projects worldwide to compact asphalt sub-layers and wearing courses as well as gravel and soil. The machine concept reflects the combination of high-performance compaction and operator safety and comfort.