Picture showing the interior of a Manitou MT Truck
Picture showing a Manitou MT truck

Manitou MT Range

As your work conditions become increasingly demanding, and you have to operate on narrow, busy sites, Manitou has designed the forklift truck to meet your needs. Whatever the work site, you need to maximise the potential of your forklift to ensure total productivity and increased utilisation.

The compact MT625 is the smallest telehandler in the range and is well suited to operations with limited access or height restrictions. The MT625 has a capacity of 2.5 tonnes, will lift to 6 metres and has an 800kg capacity at the maximum forward reach of 3.4 metres. The mid range MT835, MT1135 and MT1335 are ideal for general construction duties such as house-building and civil engineering. This range of equipment has lifting capacities of 3.5 tonnes and lift heights between 7.5 and 12.5 metres. Where higher lifting is required, the MT1840 machine is available with a capacity of 4 tonnes and lift height of 18 metres.

Picture showing the interior of a Manitou Tele-Handler
Picture showing the back end of a Manitou MRT Rotating Tele-handler

Manitou MRT Rotating Tele-handler

The Manitou MRT range are compact, multi-functional machines with lift heights up to 30 metres and capacities ranging from 4 - 5000kg.

With impeccable handling in all terrain and superb lift heights, the MRT series gives precise control through 360 degrees. Manitou rotating tele-handlers enjoy the versatility offered by a tele-handler whilst also being capable of carrying out the work of a crane, with all round visibility offering maximum safety for operators in construction. Attachments include: Forks, Hooks, Jibs, Man Up Cages, Winches and Access Platforms.

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Picture showing a Volvo Loading Shovel moving earth on a building site
Picture showing a rear view of a Volvo Loading Shovel

Volvo Loading Shovel

Around the globe, Volvo Construction Equipment has been the trusted equipment manufacturer for loading shovels since 1954. From quarrying, aggregates, block handling and material handling, to civil & building construction, recycling, waste handling, lumber yards and agriculture, customers buy new or used Volvo wheel loaders to dig, move and load more profits.

Choose the Volvo wheel loader that best suits your application needs, with large loader buckets or choose from a wide range of Volvo attachments.

Top features for the range of Volvo loading shovels include:

  • Dependable Volvo engine for high torque at low RPM and class-leading fuel efficiency
  • HTE electro-hydraulic transmission with smooth-shifting Automatic Power Shift (APS), for high manoeuvrability and fast cycling
  • Extensive range of versatile loader attachments
  • Volvo Care Cab provides more space, safety, comfort and all-around visibility
  • 100% differential lock on the front axle for excellent traction
  • 95% recyclable machine helping to preserve our environment
  • Care Track telematics as standard equipment that helps you save fuel, reduce costs and maximise profitability

Consult your Glosrose Construction Equipment sales representative for more information.