MH Ancillary equipment

Picture showing the Glosrose logo
Picture showing a loading ramp being used by a forklift truck
Picture showing a rear view of a Glosrose Loading Ramp

Loading Ramps

Glosrose are able to supply a comprehensive range of yard container ramps to enable the fast, efficient, safe loading and unloading of trailers, containers and vehicles. Capacities range from 6000 to 15,000kg and can be supplied for varying levels of usage to meet the demands of any application.

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Picture of a Manitou Stacker being operated in a warehouse
Picture showing a side-on view of a Manitou Stacker

Pedestrian and Powered Stackers

Stackers are the perfect answer for your storage solutions, and Glosrose can supply a full range of stackers to meet all your requirements.

  • Small work positioners to heavy duty high lift stackers.
  • Specialist switchgear handlers and counterbalance stackers.
  • Pedestrian straddle stackers with fully powered battery.
  • 4 way and bespoke heavy duty stackers.

Picture showing the Glosrose logo
A picture shoiwng the a close-up of the wheel and 'pump-action' spring on a Pallet Truck
Picture showing a side-on view of a pallet truck

Hand Pallet Trucks

Glosrose hand pallet trucks are suitable for a wide range of materials handling applications including; horizontal transport, order picking, loading / unloading and stacking.