Industrial trucks

Picture showing the Doosan logo
Picture showing a Doosan Industrial truck interior
Picture showing a Doosan Industrial Truck

Doosan Engine Powered Lift Trucks

Doosan Pro-5 and Pro-7 (IC) trucks are available in a range of capacities and chassis configurations from 1.5 to 16.0 tonnes, utilising diesel and LPG power sources.

Building rugged, reliable, yet simple trucks has allowed us to become a leading provider of forklift trucks in the UK. By adding high specification features, and proven technology, our aim is to increase productivity whilst lowering equipment lifetime costs. Our Pro-5 and 7 Series internal combustion (IC) products are the cornerstone of our business and include the most important features as standard, such as oil-cooled disc brakes and integral side-shifts, along with a whole host of safety features.

Picture showing the CAT logo
Picture showing the rear of a CAT Lift Truck
Picture showing a side-view of a CAT Lift Truck

Cat Engine Powered Lift Trucks

This range includes a number of safety features, including a Presence Detection System (PDS+) that prevents accidental truck operation if the driver is not seated. Familiar compartment layouts, steering, levels and pedals make it easy for operators to switch between trucks when necessary.

We at Glosrose supply rugged, durable and powerful forklift trucks with capacities that range from 1.5 to 16.0 tonnes. We provide solutions for a wide range of materials handling both internal and external. Available with diesel power or low-emission LP Gas, advanced engine technology provides controllable, programmable power and fuel efficiency.

Picture showing a Manitou Lift Truck preparing to lift a load.
Picture showing a front-view of a Manitou Lift Truck

Manitou Engine Powered Lift Trucks

The vertical or straight masted lift truck is the ideal product for your material handling applications where stability and manoeuvrability are essential. Pioneers of the masted product, the MANITOU brand forklifts are the result of years of job proven performance and reliability.

The MANITOU M Series masted forklifts were designed from the ground up as a true rough terrain lift truck. Operator comfort and easy maintenance were priority issues considered during development. The M Series is available in many configurations to provide our customers with the correct machine. The MANITOU Semi-Industrial range are a smaller version that offer excellent handling and compact manoeuvrability, unbeatable traction, unequalled comfort, and easy maintenance. This range is the ideal choice for applications that demand more than the average industrial lift truck.