Forklift attachments

Picture showing the KAUP logo
Picture showing a front view of a KAUP Paper Roll

Paper Roll Handlers

KAUP, a world leader in providing forklift truck attachments, offer a diverse range of ancillary equipment for mechanical handling trucks, and they’ve been doing exactly this for over 60 years.

Their Paper Roll Handler is a fully-rotating, versatile attachment that can be utilised for a number of different roles. This versatility makes it a ‘go-to’ attachment for those tasks where the need for different roles is essential.

Picture showing the BOLZONI AURAMO logo
A close-up of a BOLZONI waste handling attachment
Picture showing a front view of a BOLZONI Waste Handling attachment

Waste Handling Attachments

The BOLZONI group has been active in the industry for almost seventy years designing, producing and distributing ancillary equipment for mechanical handling products.

Their desire for in-depth research and development coupled with their flair for technological innovation has enabled them to surpass expectations in the industry, a contributing factor to their worldwide expansion.

Amongst their arsenal of effective mechanical handling products, the BOLZONI group provides excellent solutions for waste handling attachments such as Paper Roll Clamps, Bale Clamps and Multi Pallet Handlers.

Picture showing the Cascade logo
Picture showing a Cascade Multiple Pallet Handler fitted to a forklift truck
Picture showing a front-view of a Cascade Multiple Pallet Handler

Multiple Pallet Handlers

Cascade are global leaders in designing and manufacturing mechanical handling equipment, boasting a wide range of products that help make your job easier.

Their range of Forklift attachments includes Multiple Pallet Handlers which are of an excellent build quality and possess incredible versatility. Cascade produce these attachments with a range of models, makes and sizes in mind, and are as close to a ‘one-size-fits-all’ as you can get.